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Industrial Protection Barcode Verifier

Axicon 7015 IP


As an extension to the range of very popular 7000 series verifiers Axicon now offer these with a choice of IP (Industrial Protection) ratings.

The Axicon 7015-IP50 has an IP50 rating (protection against harmful dust particles). The Axicon 7015-IP65 has an IP65 rating (totally sealed against all dust ingress and sealed against low pressure water spray from all directions).

The IP50 rating makes the 7015-IP50 ideal for use in dusty environment while the IP65 rated version is ideal for use where a higher level of protection is required - including use in hose-down areas such as in the food industry.

6015 Barcode Verifier

6015 Barcode Verifier 6515 Barcode Verifier

6515 Barcode Verifier


Axicon 7015 Barcode Verifier.pdf

Axicon 7015 IP Tech Sheet