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Barcode quality consultancy

Consultancy & Training

Axicon's consultancy services can be used in a diverse range of ways including, but not limited to, any of the following:

Training Courses

Axicon design and manufacture the best barcode verification equipment in the world, but that is only half of the system. Having the best verification equipment will identify any barcode quality problems but understanding the detailed diagnostics information available can be a bit more difficult.

And that is where good quality training can save both time and money. As part of its commitment to improve barcode quality across the distribution chain, Axicon provides specific training courses on such subjects as:

Oxford Based Courses

Full day and half day courses are available at our offices just north of Oxford.

On-Site Courses

In practice, the majority of customers prefer to arrange for an Axicon barcode quality expert to visit them and to conduct a bespoke on-site training course. This can be sub-divided to include training for different shifts, separate user and supervisor level training etc. This would include a practical training session based on having available samples of your own barcodes for analysis. We would show the diagnostics features in action, explain the results in the light of global standards and give advice on quality improvement where necessary.

Please contact us for more information on our training courses. Half day and full day training course available.

Remember that your staff cannot be expected to fulfil their role efficiently unless they have been trained properly.